Education and professional career
1980 - Graduated from sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University (CU) Bratislava;
l980 - 1982 Fellowship at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy,  Comenius University 
1982 - 1985 Fellowship at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (S.A.S.) Department for Rural Sociology,
1991 - Ph.D in Sociology from The Institute for Sociology. S.A.S. 
1992 -  Senior Research Fellow at The Institute for Sociology of S.A.S.

Research experiences

Coordination of the projects
1991- 1994 Current Trends in Qualitative Data (+ life history project the 20th 
Century in Slovak Intelligentsia families) supported by VEGA - Slovak Grant 
Agency for Sciences 
1995 - 1997 Functions of Social Networks in Developing Social Mobility 
Opportunities and in the Periods of Social Decline - supported by VEGA - 
Slovak Grant Agency for Sciences 
1995 -1997 Social History of Poverty in Slovakia: Patterns of Family 
Behaviour and Reproduction of Poverty 
1998 - 2000: Collective Representations, Common Sense and Sociological 
Analysis: An Attempt to do Reflexive Sociology supported by VEGA - Slovak 
Grant Agency for Sciences 
2001 - 2003
All the projects were awarded grants from the Slovak Grant Agency for 
Sciences and * SOCO Program of the Institute for Human Sciences in 
Vienna and sponsored by Ford Foundation and the Austrian Federal Chancellor's 

Teaching experiences
1992 à the course Qualitative Data Analysis at the Department of Sociology 
Faculty of Philosophy CU Bratislava.. (1998/99 also at Masaryk University in 
Brno Czech Republic)
1997 à the courses Sociological problems of poverty and Qualitative data 
analysis for the students of Social Work Department Faculty of Pedagogics 
1999 à the courses Sociological perspectives and qualitative sociology at 
Academy of Art (VŠMU) in Bratislava

Membership in Editorial boards
1992 - 1999 Member of the Editorial board of the Slovak professional journal 
SOCIOLÓGIA (bimonthly in Slovak); 1995 - 1996: Editor of Slovak issues, 1995 - 
1999 Editor of English issues SLOVAK SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW (twice per year)
1991 - 2001 Editor of SOCIOLOGICKÝ ZÁPISNÍK - the bulletin of the Institute 
for Sociology and Slovak Sociological Association (four times per year in 
1995 à Member of the Editorial board of "BIOGRAF" - bulletin of the 
Association for Reflexive Sociology, Prague, Czech Republic

Membership and functions in scientific organizations
1992 - 1996 (1998 - 2001) Scientific Secretary and the member of the Committee 
of the Slovak Sociological Association, the chair of Methodological Section 
1994 à Member of International Sociological Association. Elected Board 
member of the ISA RC 38 "Biography and Society" (1994 - 1998)
1995 à Member of European Sociological Association. Elected Secretary of the 
Preparing Committee of the Research Network 1 "Biographical Perspectives 
on European Societies" (1995 - 1997)

Organization of conferences and workshops
1992 Co-organizer (with Daniel Bertaux) of the international workshop The Sociological Uses of Life Histories and Social Genealogies (EHEES France, The Institute for Sociology, Slovak Republic) August 17-23, 1992 Slovak 
1994 - Co-organizer of the S.S.A. conference Slovakia in Nineties: Trends and Problems. (Editor of conference volume)
1996 - Chairing the Organizing Committee of the S S. A.conference Problem Fields of Slovak Sociology (Editor of the conference volume)
1996 - Organizer of the second international workshop Social History of Poverty in Central Europe from An International Perspective - Bratislava, November 19 - 22.
1997 Co-organiser (with J.P. Ross) of the programme of RN Biographical Perspectives on European Societies on the 3nd conference of ESA European Societies: Inclusions or Exclusions ,University of Essex, August 1997
2000 - Co-organizer of the S.S.A. conference Slovak society and sociology at the end of millenium: outlasting questions. (Bratislava 27-28 January 2000)